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Woman Standing on Docks

Personality-based Acting

Personality-based Acting (Pb-A) offers dramatic artists a scientific, solid foundation upon which character can be confidently built and embodied. Four very useful "facts" related to behavior/acting are illuminated within this method of character development.

         1. Your inborn temperament/personality, based on well respected, long-standing research,

         2.  How one's personality predicts and affects verbal and non-verbal behavior,

         3.  Using the personality science you used to reveal your own temperament/personality, you will analyze the script to determine the “in-born temperament/personality” of your character, and

         4.  By comparing your temperament/personality to your character’s temperament/personality, you will learn which dimensions of your own reactions and behavior (verbal and non-verbal) you need to modify to authentically embody the character, as written.


For help with character development and/or scene study, call me at (240) 277-4427 or email me @ [email protected].

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