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Marital Mediation A New Brief Practical Method To Save Your Marriage

Marital Mediation : A New, Brief, Practical Method To Save Your Marriage
Donna Kimmel, PhD, 5-17-2017

Everyone knows marriage is difficult.  Cooperation, communication, intimacy, sexual desires, personality differences, beliefs about money, parenting styles, values, habits, fears, and even food preferences are only a few of the potential areas of marital/couple conflict.

Everyone knows that marriage counseling is usually used to help couples deal with conflict and improve marriage.  It can be quite effective.  Marriage/couple counseling involves diagnosing a mental health condition (in order to use health insurance), and usually explores personal and family histories to understand reasons behind the couples’ conflict perpetuating behaviors.  Strategies to improve the relationship are also considered. Marital/couple counseling can be relatively lengthy; it’s not usually time-limited.

Everyone doesn’t know about marital mediation , a new brief, time-limited method for dealing with marital/couple conflict.   Marital mediation focuses on finding specific solutions/agreements for specific conflicts.  No mental health matters need be revealed or discussed.  Marital mediation - as a method of conflict resolution - is voluntary, concrete and practical.  A mutually agreed upon agreement could be generated, if desired.  This can be a rapid and rewarding way to de-fuse marital/couple disputes, because marital mediation usually takes only three to five visits, of two hours each.

Marital mediation is an ideal approach to resolving marital/couple disputes when the couple is willing to work with a neutral mediator to quickly and precisely find specific solutions to specific problems.




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