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To Help You Think & Behave ConfidentlyPsychologist - Counselor - Divorce Mediator - Coach

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Hi, I’m Dr. Donna Kimmel.   Welcome and Thanks, for visiting my website!

(First, you should know that I only see folks born before 1981.)


I'd like you to know something about me and why I do what I do.

I love helping people optimize their potential.

I love helping people "see" themselves, others, and situations in new ways.

I love helping people "do" what they need to do to be effective in achieving goals.

To do the work I love doing, I have five areas of expertise:  


Clients, Problems & Methods

My Unique Orientation

Individual Counseling

Couple & Marriage Counseling

Marriage Mediation

Discernment Counseling

Post-Divorce Counseling

Divorce Mediation 

Separation & Divorce


Basic Information

Differences Between Coaching & Counseling

Interpersonal Communication

Individual Skills

Couple and Marital Skills

Couple Conflict & Communication

Therapeutic Acting for Couples

Personality-Based Acting (for actors)


I'd love to help you! 

Call or email me:  (240) 277-4427; [email protected]

Click here for Initial Visit Forms for Counseling

For Mediation or Coaching, please call or e-mail me.
Let's do it!

By the way, you can see and hear me by watching my PSAs below as well as a dramatization of Couple/Marriage Counseling.

1. Behavioral Health - Resiliency
2. Adult ADD vs. Depression
3. Relationships & Listening
4. Communicating with Introverts
Marriage Counseling Dramatized
Elsie's Initial Visit (which becomes Marriage Counseling)
Elsie and Paul Visit 2
Elsie and Paul Visit 3
Elsie and Paul (Elsie only) Visit 4
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