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Woman Standing on Docks

Counseling: My Unique Orientation

 Regarding counseling for individuals (and actually couples, too) here’s what to expect, in case you have your own opinion about what counseling should be and what you want it to be. 

First and foremost, I strive to make my counseling educational. 

  To that end, I am direct and straight talking.  I hope to help you learn what you don’t already know.  When, or, if you doubt “the wisdom” of my assessments or you just want more information, I’ll always direct you to resources that will expand your understanding.  I see myself as a coach - in the traditional sense - a trainer, private tutor, mentor.

During your first visit, I’ll probably have a preliminary diagnosis of any mental health condition(s) you may have. 

            Contrary to popular belief, diagnosing common mental health disorders is not particularly difficult and, usually, only specific information is needed. Your honest answers to questions I ask should tell me what I need to know.

My goal is to help you change your brain to generate the thoughts, feelings and behavior likely to achieve the resultsyou’ve told me you want from counseling.     

            You see, old or automatic or ineffective behaviors as well healthy behaviors are  imprinted in your brain.  Modifying ineffective brain pathways and developing new ones – that you actively choose - are what we’ll be working on.

Counseling with me is goal-directed and focused.

            During our time together we’ll discuss, question, measure progress, role-play (maybe) and, hopefully, laugh often.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact me by calling (240) 277-4427!

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